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Should I Worry About the Prop 65 Warning?

Posted by Miracle of Aloe ,06/22/23
Should I Worry About the Prop 65 Warning?

You are in good company if you have ever found yourself asking, “Should I worry about Prop 65 warning labels?” Many consumers have noticed an increase in warning labels for California’s Prop 65 on all types of products. At first glance, these warnings may seem scary. While the intention behind Prop 65 is respectable, the implementation has led to some confusion. Understanding the facts about these warnings can help you make the buying decisions that are right for your needs.

Should I Worry About Prop 65 Warning Labels?

California’s Proposition 65 aims to raise awareness about the presence of toxic and carcinogenic chemicals in consumer products and environments. The initial focus of the proposition was water quality and safety, and the original language contained a little over 200 chemicals. Over time, the state has added additional chemicals to the list, and its current form carries over 900 identified contaminants. The proposition requires warning labels on any product sold in California that contains certain levels of these chemicals.


Are Products With the Warning Label Unsafe?

The implementation of Proposition 65 created logistical challenges for manufacturers and retailers who supply products to states across the country. In an effort to ensure compliance with the proposition, companies over-complied with the regulations to protect themselves from violations. As a result, Prop 65 warning labels appear on many products that pose very little risk, if any at all. The Proposition considers chemicals that, with decades-long exposure, can potentially increase cancer risks. That means many of these products only pose a risk with prolonged exposure daily over 50 or 60 years, which makes their current risk level negligible.

Should I Avoid Products With Warning Labels?

While all consumers should make decisions about their purchases and product use based on their own comfort levels, keep in mind that these warning labels may appear on products that pose no health risk at all. Concerns about compliance led most companies to place the label on almost every product. Read the label closely as you make your decision. Companies must identify at least one chemical that triggered the application of the label. The more informed you are about the actual components, the easier it is to decide what is right for you, especially when you are looking for food and skin care products.

Should I Worry About Prop 65 Warning Labels Online?

Recent changes in Proposition 65 require websites selling products to display Prop 65 warnings as well. Treat the warning labels online the same way and look for the details about which chemicals triggered the warning. Remember that the warning you see online is the same warning on the product itself.

Prop 65 Warning Labels Are Becoming Widespread.

As the warning labels appear in more places, consumers get confused about the significance of the warning itself. While Proposition 65’s original intention was good, the implementation struggled. Over-compliance creates a saturation of the labels, calling their validity into question and causing consumers to disregard the warning’s presence. While you should take the labels seriously, explore the details to make an informed decision. Visit Miracle of Aloe to explore the products we offer.