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Does Aloe Vera Expire?

Posted by Miracle of Aloe ,02/20/24
Does Aloe Vera Expire?

Does Aloe Vera Expire? Everything You Need To Know

Aloe vera’s benefits for skin include soothing burns and abrasions, treating dry skin, and calming acne breakouts. With so  many uses, it's tempting to stock up and store your favorite aloe products to always have some on hand. Does aloe vera expire? Understanding the shelf life, storage recommendations, and indications of spoiled aloe products can help you keep yours in the best possible condition.

Does Aloe Vera Expire?

The shelf life of aloe vera depends upon the nature of the product. Pure aloe vera gel contains no preservatives to help it last. This shortens the shelf-life to as little as a day at room temperature. You should use any flesh from an aloe vera plant right away once you remove it from the leaf. An airtight container in the refrigerator keeps it fresh for a few days or a week.

Aloe Stored in a air tight containerAloe vera as a component of a beauty product or in a commercial form often includes preservatives that help extend the shelf life. Commercial aloe products typically carry an expiration date on the packaging. That expiration date applies so long as the product remains unopened. Check your packaging for additional recommendations for shelf life once you open your aloe product.

How Should You Store Aloe Vera?

The way you store your aloe vera directly affects its lifespan. Keep aloe products securely sealed with the lid tight. You can also transfer your aloe product to another container with an airtight lid if you prefer. Choose a storage space that stays cooler for the longest lifespan of your aloe gel. When you live somewhere with warmer temperatures, such as those over 75 degrees Fahrenheit, consider keeping your aloe vera gel refrigerated.

You should also consider a storage area away from direct sunlight. Light will cause aloe to deteriorate, and sunlight transfers heat, shortening the lifespan.

Does aloe vera expire sooner in the bathroom? The humid air and temperature fluctuations can cause rapid deterioration of aloe vera products and other skin care products. Choose a storage space in your bedroom or another housing area where temperatures stay more consistent.

Does aloe vera expire sooner in the bathroom?

The humid air and temperature fluctuations can cause rapid deterioration of aloe vera products and other skin care products as well. Choose a storage space in your bedroom or another area of the house where temperatures stay more consistent.

Can You Extend Your Aloe Vera’s Shelf Life?

Can you extend Aloe Vera's shelf life?

Protecting your investment in aloe products means extending the shelf life whenever possible. Depending on the storage solutions and usage of your aloe products, they can last for as much as a couple of years or as little as a month or two.

Start by taking portions out of your primary container to keep in a container for routine use. This reduces the frequency with which you open the primary container, minimizing the risk of contaminants from the air, your hands and your beauty tools. Keep the primary container sealed tightly and stored away from heat and light.

Consider storing Aloe Gel in the Freezer.

When you want to extend the life of pure aloe vera gel, consider storing your gel in the freezer. Portion your aloe gel into an ice cube tray to thaw individual portions at a time. This allows you to preserve the rest of the gel for several times the expected lifespan.

Remember that frozen aloe vera may not technically expire, but the quality can deteriorate slightly if you freeze it too long. Ensure you keep frozen aloe vera products labeled with dates so you can rotate them and use the oldest product first..

How Can You Tell if Aloe Vera Is Spoiled?

How can you tell if Aloe Vera is spoiled?

Recognizing the signs of spoilage protects you from using outdated beauty products. Aloe vera gel can lose its natural green hue, taking on an unusual color. Discoloration usually indicates that the aloe is degrading. Degradation is an early stage of spoiling.

As aloe vera products spoil, they often develop unpleasant odors as well. Bacteria growth from the deterioration will produce foul odors that, even when subtle, indicate spoilage in your aloe vera products. Additionally, in some cases, expired aloe vera can also mold. Usually, mold develops due to exposure to spores in the surrounding environment when you open the container or from beauty tools you use to move the product. Any mold growth indicates that spores are throughout the product, which renders it unsafe for use.

Aloe Vera leaves that ae removed from the plant can spoil quickly.

Can Aloe Expire in Leaf Form?

Aloe vera leaves attached to the plant and kept in healthy soil will continue growing as long as you nurture it. Leaves attached to the plant only expire due to damage, poor conditions, or pest infestations. Aloe vera leaves removed from the plant can spoil quickly. Leaves often turn dark or brown around the outer edges and can shrivel due to lost moisture and hydration. Spoiled aloe leaves often emit an odor that resembles rotting onions. In some cases, the leaves develop mold.

Does Aloe Vera Expire in Commercial Products?

DOes Aloe expire in commercial products?

The chemical makeup of store-bought aloe vera products often contributes to a much longer lifespan than natural aloe vera gel. You may not see indications of color, odor or texture differences in your commercial aloe products even when they are beyond their expiration date. Check package dates carefully and examine your products before use.

If you have any concerns about a product’s integrity, your safest solution is to discard it in favor of a fresh container. When products have a recommended use-by date after opening, such as best within 14 days of opening, label the container when you open it to reduce the guesswork related to its age.

Can You Use Aloe Vera After It Expires?

Can you use expired Aloe?

Avoid using aloe vera products after expiration if you have any concerns about quality. Aloe may lose beneficial properties, cause skin irritations or even introduce bacteria if you use it after expiration. Use sound judgment about the age and condition of the product before use.

Does Aloe Vera Expire in Our Skin-Care Products?

Aloe has many beneficial properties that Miracle of Aloe knows how to take advantage of. Does aloe vera expire in our products? While it will eventually depend on how you store them, our formulas make it more stable and useful. Check out our aloe-based body care products for more options to use aloe on your skin.