Miracure Anti-Fungal Treatment 1 oz.

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Miracure Anti-Fungal Treatment 1 oz.

End Embarrassing Toe Fungus!

Miracure Anti-Fungal Treatment 1 oz.

Miracure®Anti-Fungal Treatment

  • Doctor-Formulated
  • Stops Fungus Growth
  • A Superior Fungicide

Use twice daily and soon the fungus, discoloration and itching will disappear. You'll start enjoying beautiful, healthy toes again. Includes convenient brush applicator.

PURPOSE: Antifungal

USES: cures most athlete's foot fungus (tinea pedis) and ringworm (tinea corporis) effectively soothes and relieves symptoms of athlete's foot, including itching, burning, scaling and cracking

WARNINGS: For external use only. When using this product avoid contact with the eyes.

Stop use and ask a doctor if: 
Irritation occurs and there is no improvement within 4 weeks 
Keep out of reach of children. Do not use on children under 2 years of age. If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.

DIRECTIONS: Shake well before using. Wash affected area with soap and water and dry thoroughly. Apply a thin layer over affected area twice daily (morning and night) paying special attention to spaces between toes when used for athlete's foot. Use applicator brush to reach tight areas around and under nails. Wear well-fitting, ventilated shoes. Change shoes and socks at least once daily. Supervise children in the use of the product. Use daily for 4 weeks; if condition persists longer, ask a doctor. This product is not effective on the scalp or nails.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Tolnaftate 1.0% 
Inactive ingredients: PEG-400, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, salicylic acid, melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) leaf oil, BHT, DMDM hydantion.

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    My Foot’s Savior

    Posted by Megan C on 10/11/19

    I’ve been using Miracle of Aloe’s Miracure Anti-Fungal Liquid for 13 years now. Back in HS, I was an athletic trainer for our football team. My biggest regret was walking around in my stockings around the field house/training room without shoes. I ended up getting Athlete’s Foot and I continue to get flares ups from it from time to time. I was first placed on antibiotics—but the results were not fast enough. My mom later found Miracle of Aloe Miracure at Bed Bath & Beyond and instructed me...well...to apply it a little differently—she had me apply it directly to my skin, where the athlete’s foot resided. Now I KNOW this is not the way that the company has instructed for it to be used, but we went off the rails a bit to see what it could do. My left foot is completely Athletic’s Foot FREE, and my right foot (14 years later) is almost there. I stopped being faithful to the product and the occasional flare ups return when I’m 1) in my shoes too long, 2) I where my boots too long, or even 3) when my feet get too hot underneath the sheets. My routine consists of taking a shower, and with a pumice stone and St. Ive’s Apricot scrub (or any grimy exfoliator), will lightly buff out the ENTIRE bottom of my feet and heels (including the infected areas, if reachable)— at the VERY END of my shower when the skin is the softest. As soon as I get out, I dry my feet well—between each toe and the bottom of my feet, and right after that, I apply the Miracure onto the infected areas on my foot [skin] and in between my toes, and let it dry for as long as possible. I even gave this product to one of our friends, because every time he would take off his shoes in the car, he’d nearly kill us all! And believe or not, it’s made a difference! If you are faithful to it—this will give you the results that my left has been fortunate to have—fungal/athletic’s foot free. It will take WEEKS—maybe months for the product to really do an exceptional job, but even if it starts to look better DON’T STOP like did. Stay faithful to it daily! I still put it on my athlete’s foot/fungal free foot for maintenance. I can’t say this will work for everyone, but it’s a great way to start! And if I had to express how incredible this product is, let me tell you this—God forbid this company every went out of business, I would have bought a lifetime’s worth of their Miracure before I ever lost this product!

    For those of you who took time to read this monologue, I hope this helps!

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    I always have it on hand!

    Posted by Susan H on 08/20/19

    This little gem is truly nature's miracle in a bottle - it managed to cure a foot fungus for me that 3 prescription meds from the podiatrist couldn't! (It was on a whim that I decided to try this, when all else had failed, and I'm so glad I did!) I've kept in on hand ever-since - always have a bottle for emergencies (especially in sandal-wearing months!)

    (I also bought my father a bottle for his thick, yellow toenails - this stuff is AMAZING! )

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    Just the start but we will see.

    Posted by Robbie on 08/31/18

    I am willing to give MOA a 5 star to start as I will be buying in the future. This is one bottle that will be applied to my toe nails and my sides of my feet. I have been battling this fungus for 25 yrs with some luck but just a bit. What I did learn is that one must get to the nail bed to attack any sort of nail fungus because ******fungus grows on the skin. How might one does this? Well, there are a number of ways but the one that has been the least expensive was to soak my feet( soaking salt, apple cider vinegar and hot water) for 20-30 mins and cut the nail down with a fresh razor. Of course the nail must be soft and you must go slow but to get down to the skin helps your process move a bit faster. I do this once every few days until I can go no further without hurting myself. I apply miracure twice a day and do my best to keep my nail bed sanitized. As well as cleaning the area with it's own brush. My feet get a lot of sun but I am clear that the new nail must grow first which can take 6 months. If I can kill this fungus with less than 4 bottles and it takes me a year I will be happy. Time will tell and I am willing to wait because the victory will be so sweet. Whst I have noticed is that the infected area are peeling and drying out. This signals that a level is dying. Also, certain areas are starting to become itchy which means it is fighting back. Not a problem here because this fungus has lived off of me long enough and I have no issues fighting it. Best of luck to the people going through this struggle. This is not easy but with consistency and self care we can turn this down.

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    loved it

    Posted by lisa on 02/10/18

    works really well